Some refugees have no paper and, in this case, the only possible remedy is the testimony. The testimony of the heads of refugee sites upstream (country of refuge) and downstream (country), that of community leaders, administrative and religious. This identification process is easy and is not beyond that to determine the approximate number of Mauritanians to repatriate..

Themselves, their civil documents for simple reasons that they were sometimes confiscated and destroyed during their deportation. The documents they possess the refugee and the testimony provided must allow a judge to issue citizenship certificates to various applicants. (Again, the authorities must restore law).

Mauritanian law provides: what Mauritanian who under section 9.1 of Law No. 61,112 of June 12, 1961, as amended by Law No. 73010 of 23 January 1973 and Law No. 73,186 30 July 1973 Nationality Code… This is because the Mauritanian born in Mauritania to a father who was himself born. At that level, it should bind the legislative requirements and necessities of the moment. Indeed, 21 years of exile have a long period that has certainly affected the status of persons. Some have become major in exile, others were born there and married and had children. The fate of these people being returned to their home country depends to a large extent, the holding of national documents. This issue is easily resolved by using family ties and documents of refugees if necessary.

We hear mixed couple all Mauritanians in exile who contracted a legal marriage with spouses who are not nationals or Mauritania and who can not claim that status. In this case and as is customary, the spouse may retain their original nationality to charge for it, when the conditions for reinstatement of his spouse are perfect to make an application in proper form according to the procedures in force. Also, in this case, the attention of judicial and administrative authorities should be raised in order to expedite and strengthen the family unit.

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