The building in Brazzaville without any national debate of the monument of some Fulbert Youlou death by a revolutionary court sentenced the announcement of municipalization accelerated in the Pool region completely destroyed by him and returned to the state of an era of dressed stone through the covenant signed with a certain Bernard Kolelas dying presented so far as the worst enemy of the people, keeping in the Prime of Prime Minister ghost who cares absolutely nothing, the kneeling before Pope Benedict XVI at the head of a religion he termed the opium of the people, the total care of the funeral of anyone who directly or indirectly rushed into the grave because of his greed, Mr. Sassou Nguesso, these individual acts, he thinks to himself or to his family as would any good dictator, end of life.

Why else, if these individual acts are laid in the interest of national reconciliation already organized in 1992 and has called into question in block 1997, does not he would take his leave of power also true that – although in spite of the opinions and tell her puppets – at least 83% of Congolese regard him as the real obstacle to economic take-off, political and social Congo Brazzaville

At the abyss where Mr. Sassou has plunged the country will require an iron authority for submission to the rank of a manageable state by new men who are truly Congolese Patriots. For this country, Mr. Sassou Nguesso (which is perhaps a Congolese but my opinion not in any case and not a patriot) gave, from the outside as from within the hands of foreigners, is first to go to the Congolese to think before any form of development.

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