Since independence, human rights are, however, systematically violated. Everyone remembers the infamous camp Boiro and other places of confinement, or almost 50 000 people passed. And the worst is that there was no response to support these people..

Violations of human rights continued in June 2006 against students who protested and claimed. Shooting that claimed several lives, he said. In 2007, there were in January-February, a savage massacre, especially on 22 January, still insists Dr. Sow.

The capital. The story of the old university is punctuated by silences. It is as if the images of the tragedy still paraded before his eyes.

And tireless defender of human rights to call other tragedies to try to understand what happened with him. I visited the Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Poland, I thought that was the summit of the lack of humanism.

I found that what happened in Nazi Germany was industrial, but I saw a craft and near genocide in Rwanda and Burundi. I say close because we knew in these two African countries that those killed. It is difficult to imagine that what happened at the stage of 28 September is made of the Guinean Guineans cons.

The perpetrators have brought people to the stadium before closing, to electrify the perimeter and shoot horizontally into the crowd with live ammunition. Some even prayed on the lawn for Peace in Guinea.

Bayonets were driven into the sex women from within.

When it was taken, she saw at least 28 trucks with corpses. Among those whose testimonies we received, we counted 112 women and girls raped and a thousand injured.

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