Jeff Aka is Producer-Director in audiovisual, married with two children. With over 20 years of television, he is one of the designers of Star Karaoke. In this interview, he tells the spirit in which the program took shape and gives an overview of the final scheduled for tomorrow..

The program Star Karaoke came from an idea by Claude Tamo and Me. In 2002, there was a show for Valentine’s Day. And February 14 is the anniversary of one of our colleagues who is in France now, Serges Elingan Fato. We ended up in Marcory in a hotel and that hotel, they had a box made of Karaoke and we said that day that we had to do a show on Valentine’s Day in spirit karaoke. Immediately, I suggested that we do engage viewers, that is to say, take pictures of karaoke and get airplay. You know that karaoke is to sing a song on a screen. I talked to Claude because he was the executive producer, who found the idea and began working there. Thus in 2003, the show was born in George Aboke. Since 2003, there are until today and it is the 8th edition.

Listen, I’m a happy man. The Branch has believed in us and then the show still exists. I think after me, she always exist. There is craze and you yourself have participated in short lists this year and since 2003 until today, there is enthusiasm. And it is to our credit.

The expectations of the ITR, is to occupy healthy young people during school holidays. But I think it has met expectations and is even gone beyond. Because this year we had a pretty glamorous issue, that is to say that my dream was to have a show in the spirit of 2010 spirit of cabaret. God thank you, I could realize that dream and I thank the Directorate-General, the chairman of the organizing committee of school holiday programs, Mr. Issa Sangare Yeresso.

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