An expansion project has been approved by the Togolese government to construct a dock of 1500 meters for the reception of large vessels, explained in L’UNION commercial director of PAL, Kwame Wili Nene. Costing an estimated 180 million euros (117.9 billion CFA francs), the pilot project by two companies whose GETMA who have only a few weeks to start work. The environmental investigation was completed and approved by the authorities, as well as surveying. Work will start with the erection of the ears, says one..

Pending construction of a third platform, probably by the Bollore group, the dock – a dock that is internally directed to the interior port to the hotel Sarakawa – will boost the capacity of the port of Lome in especially for container ships bound for the sub region. The goal is to nearly quadruple container traffic, bringing it from 350,000 currently to 1.2 million in two years.

The Bollore group, which is shared with the handling Manuport (GETMA subsidiary), is also to acquire in July, a mobile harbor crane of 103 tonnes and a set of equipment with a total cost of 20 billion francs cfa press announcement. This crane is in addition to two other Manuport acquired in 2009 to 4 billion francs.

Although originally designed to benefit the Ivorian crisis, the Togolese authorities now argue an improvement in the quality of service. Nene. While specifying with valid papers, the operator can now leave his goods within 48 hours from the port of Lome. A mobile scanner has been operational since 2003, you can see in 2 or 3 minutes the contents of a vehicle or container through an X-ray image without having to perform a physical inspection. The container is further charges in terms of number of units, not weight. An asset. Even better, the PAL is the only claimed that organizes the convoy of goods in transit.

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