Disparities between men and women largely determine the status of mothers and children in some countries. Rooted patriarchal traditions and the current role of gender based on male superiority weigh all their weight. Girls and women may be banned from acquiring land, property or inheritance rights and are less likely to receive an education. The girls may have less access to health care and a balanced diet, reducing their chances of a healthy pregnancy. Because of the low status of women, girls can be married off at an early age while most national laws forbid it. With little or no access to contraception and family planning, multiple births and the risk of death after multiple pregnancies is very real. Helping men understand the risks associated with pregnancy may improve the survival chances of women as some positive examples have demonstrated. Photo: ILO / Maillard J..

In developed countries and higher income segments of developing countries, access to good health care during pregnancy, birth and assisted care for young children is generally available. Yet, discrimination in hiring women of childbearing age may occur. Lower pay and less skilled jobs are often justified by the argument that women may leave their jobs to have children after their birth, they may leave the company or become unreliable workers. There are many cases of women dismissed referenced once they became pregnant. Misunderstandings abound, yet important industries worldwide depend on the participation of women at work. Photo: ILO / Deloche P.

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