But nationally, the contraceptive prevalence rate has not improved. Despite the efforts that have been made, the total fertility rate remains high in Mali with 6.6 children per woman. They were estimated in 2006 to 31.2%. For this reason, the medical assistant in charge of Family Planning and Gender Division of Reproductive Health of Mali believe that we must revive and reposition family planning..

In this context, a campaign was launched in Mali since 2005. And better promotion of Family Planning, the Ministry of Health of Mali has embarked on the purchase of contraceptives, emitting 10% of the health budget, reveals Ms. Keita. Donors are also involved in awarding grants.

Noumouke for Diarra, who introduced the Rapid Resources (for analysis of population and its impact on development) at the workshop on contraceptive security, outside financial support and sustained commitment of leaders

To this end, says Oumou Keita, ensure compliance with the master plan for the distribution of contraceptives. Indeed, in the opinion of the charge of Planned Parenthood and Gender Division of Reproductive Health of Mali, this blueprint is not always respected.

In sum, there arises a problem of availability and distribution of contraceptive products in Mali. Norplant, for example, is distributed at Bamako. Oumou Keita talks about resource issues and poor needs estimation.

A small woman wearing a blouse made her entrance. Provider intern at the clinic, she opened a door and settles into his office. Moments later, she receives two young girls, early twenties. The latter wish to receive a contraceptive method. Sitting opposite the doctor Haby Konate, they are reluctant at first to answer our questions before we finally reveal the reason for their presence in this center where various services are offered to young people. For her first visit she was accompanied by his girlfriend 24 years old. Student, unmarried sexually active, the latter, who attends the clinic for 4 years, decided to resort early to contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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