It was at a workshop on contraceptive security held in Bamako from 19 to 23 May 2009 and attended by journalists from Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso..

Other reasons such as refusal of husbands, rumors about side effects and lack of information is also made by Ms. Keita to justify the low contraceptive prevalence in the country. According to her, all these elements constitute an obstacle to family planning.

Therefore, considering that women who go to health facilities are better informed, she insists on the formation of the relays so that they are able to tell whether a woman is eligible or not for a particular contraceptive method.

To handle the rumors that hinder the use of family planning, since some will look up contraception for prostitution, charged with Planned Parenthood and Gender Division of Reproductive Health of Mali believed it is important to implement a policy to better explain to women the choice of methods. Thus, it is advisable for women to go to health facilities instead of providing contraceptive products directly from pharmacies or on the street.

So, before making his choice, she knows what to expect.

Family planning services are effective in Mali since 1972. Right now, women who wanted access had to be present with the written permission of their husbands. That’s after an order is released to state that women can represent themselves, married or not to receive contraceptive services.

To promote the practice of contraception, it has also been put in place a strategy in 1990, namely the approach of community-based distribution of contraceptives. Experienced in the regions of Segou and Sikasso over 3 years, this approach was extended in 1994 in 5 regions. At appraisal in 1999, the results were satisfactory with a contraceptive prevalence rate from 35% in the affected areas.

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