Users. With Honors (highest possible reference) and honors the work of the university, under the direction of the eminent Professor Francis Balle (author of Media and Society Reference and Dictionary Web), is already authority and sealed three years of research..

WAME Baba: The use of the Internet in Cameroon depends on where it connects. There are three main access points: the office, home and cyber cafe. At the office, the use of the Web is a professional. Information wanted pragmatic in his work. At home it’s a playful Internet with games, discussion forums and chats. It is also a playful use of the Web found mainly in Internet cafes. Two out of three Cameroonian internet connect from Internet cafes.

Baba WAME: 80% of Internet users are online to chat and mail. Two-thirds are women, 10 to 15% are illiterate. They mainly use the Net to go on dating sites looking for a spouse and digital are between 18 and 34 years. To better understand the phenomenon and this type of practice of the Net, I took 6 young women for a month in Yaounde. I discovered that there was any technique to be able to find a man to marry.

Baba WAME: 5000 FCFA per day (7.5 EUR) for 4 or 5 days per week. What is still the modest sum of 100,000 FCFA per month (150 euros, ie) is the average salary of a part of Cameroon. If the connection time is 500 FCFA (0.75 euros), it takes another 500 FCFA to use a webcam and have 500 FCFA for the services of a monitor. It is about being a true investment.

WAME Baba: They are painted as if they were going to a party to show their best. They even show them their anatomy through Webcam. This is also their spouses digital asked. There are a lot of voyeurism on the net. At first, this bothered many customers of Internet cafes, as they did this in full sight of everybody. Patterns of institutions were then found a solution by building small boxes of 50cm by 50cm with curtains.

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