A young woman, divorced with two children. An ordinary life in a popular district of Dakar. An unwanted pregnancy that cache. The shame and suffering in silence. A baby. An attempted infanticide. An anonymous tip. The police investigation. The arrest. Confessions. Unqualified disapproval of neighbors. The media amplify this drama in the life of an ordinary woman..

This news was in the month of September, published in a newspaper of general circulation in Dakar. In the inside pages, it was wedged between flooding and the statements of politicians. Yet behind the appearance and gesture condemning this woman, emerges a more complex reality, which in many ways, challenges the Senegalese society and policymakers.

What happened to this woman is not an isolated case. Thousands of Senegalese women sexually active often have unwanted pregnancies. Many of them want, in fact, delay their next pregnancy or stop having children. One of the most reliable methods for achieving this is modern contraception. For various reasons, they do not always have access. One can cite the lack of reliable information, of FP services, the quality of these services, financial and geographic access limited, the low status of women, etc.

In Senegal, the prevalence of modern contraception has just taken the helm of 10.3%. The prevalence of hides huge disparities by area and region of residence, ethnicity, educational level and number of living children. In general, Senegalese women (in union or not) have a high knowledge of modern methods of contraception. They cite, when questioned, at least two advantages to the use of contraception, birth spacing, preserving the health of the mother. The child health and better education of children are also, to a lesser extent it is true, as advanced benefits of FP.

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