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This peaceful location was chosen, according to sources, around the 19th century by the fishermen of Lebou Baye Sogui Ndoye Pinthie of Gouye Salane as landing after the days fishing. He built a makeshift shelter to keep her luggage and rest. Since then, this pier located between Anse Bernard and Boussoura (beef), where the oxen were sacrificed in the cultural and traditional celebrations in the capital, receives so many people and especially during this holiday period.

Louis, Joal, Fadiouth, Mbour, etc. It allowed them to know landmarks itineraries and sites fish at certain times of the year. These sites include some very well known as Baye Kheroui Bescaye (St. Louisian a fisherman), Baye Kheroui Dibiri, Kheroui Medoune Baye Gueye, an old fisherman Pinthie Khoc of the Plateau, Kheroui Diop, Alassane Kheroui Codou, Kheroui Yatoumay, Kheroui Baye Mor Mbaye, Kheroui Mateep, Kheroui Dame, etc.

These places were stations where fishing was going good. It was rare to come back empty-handed after a day of fishing. Become a mythical beach, Baye Terou Sogui was also attended by the French colonial era who called Pergola. They had built a hotel before creating the sailing club in Dakar (Cnd).

If a man like Baye Sogui Ndoye scored the history of this beach, at his side, still others have written beautiful pages of history. Our source reports among them the old Saliou Diagne Yande of Khock Zandi, who always returned to sea without its fishing gear, and nobody knew where he was guarding. His canoe was always full of fish, whatever the circumstances.

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