We want to make this week something very French in the bilateral relationship. It is an extension of economic and business visit of President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac last year, in February 2005. It will put the spotlight on what is achieved French companies in this country and in this sub-region. It is also for us a very important and an opportunity to accompany and support the accelerated growth strategy launched by the government here is a little over a year now. All this at a time. This is why this week’s French..

Foreign companies are taking root in Senegal that could one day challenge the massive presence of French companies. Are we might think that is one reason that prompted the Economic Mission of the Embassy of France in Senegal to host this event in Dakar

To hear you talk, you seem to focus instead on economic activities at the expense of purely cultural in organizing this event. Why such a choice when we know that culture and economics are very often linked

Precisely because the French week might have been a lounge with a fifty stands divided between the French and SIAGRO weeks. But it’s not just that, we wanted to involve a dimension of debates with seminars, roundtables, and a cultural dimension with events including exhibitions taking place at the same time, a musical ending with the French institute and also one week gourmet restaurants that forge a partnership for French Week. Not to mention a fashion show to spotlight the cultural industry, which is emerging in Senegal and will be an asset of the new Senegal and tourism in Senegal. So you see, what event the week in French is not only a living, it’s really a multi-event event. There’s the show, seminars, roundtables, exhibitions, music, fashion, gastronomy and there. The economy needs to improve the culture and the culture needs of the economy. They are married, and the case of Senegal, I would say there are real opportunities to put this insight into this dynamic that exists and is exported worldwide.

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