WAME Baba: They are the best customers. A client who comes only to take his mail one hour of connection it will use for a month, while the spouse who seeks a digital still at least 3 hours online. It is more likely to consume beverages sold on site and is also more likely to call or be called in the payphone location..

Baba WAME: Marriage is more motivated by economic security, social and administrative by love. They are very beautiful girls, mostly from modest social and educational. They consider that the Internet offers them a chance they should try to grasp.

WAME Baba: The success rate is only 2 to 4%. Women also have relationships with 4 or 5 correspondents. They diversify contacts to increase their chances. Many girls, running out of hope and money, give up after 6 months. Some even take up to two years.

Baba WAME: Their research is an individual activity in its collective purpose but his original approach. The girls know each other. There are all kinds of strategies in groups. Caring for the cheating. Some do not hesitate to pitch a good match with another girl.

WAME Baba: In most cases, with trading to begin on sex. The questions are often spouses digital shocking as the fact of asking the girl if she ever made love to 3. But girls accommodate them, assuming that patience pays off.

WAME Baba: Very few are aware of the risks of prostitution. Because those who are returning from riding in nice cars, build beautiful villas are covered in Louis Vuitton and Dior. They have become examples of social success. Even if they are prostitutes in Europe or elsewhere, they will never say and will fight to ensure that others do not know. There is a pernicious spiral. They maintain the image a little fantasy of Prince Charming distilled by soap operas and stereotypes about the golden life in Europe.

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