Two women, two times, and cooking for hyphen. Julia Child is a memorial American who introduced the blue ribbon in the American Way of Life with the culinary delights hexagonal, as many recipes of our land French import and adapt it for housewives Yankees. A book, a real gastronomic bible, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and a show where his colorful character is staged, voluble, expansive, greedy and carried by a voice close to chuckle. Maite is the American cousins, all things considered….

Meryl Streep embodies this perfectly, in a game that is not the cartoon if you know who was Julia Child: a cliche in itself! An image of Epinal his countrymen as they mock him wear a certain tenderness, affection for the small screen auntie, touching, extravagant. The character is staged here before the celebrity living in Paris with her diplomat husband, curious, greedy, crazy Parisian life, but also a little bored, she ends up joining a circle of friends of French gastronomy, puts his hand to the batter and quickly proved his talent. Make her passion her profession is the next logical step for this woman, happily married, suffered probably never had children…

Jump half a century – the film weaves the two stories. Today, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) through the crisis of the thirties, but still young enough to provide an apology to his comrades, all married on the rails of promising careers or even pregnant. She has not yet fulfilled all the boxes of these social obligations, and going through a bad patch. The kitchen also comes to fill this boredom, she decided to launch a challenge and cook, within one year, more than 500 recipes from the book Julia Child, she worships.

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