The other major asset available to the port of Lome is a draft of 14 meters. The heavily laden ships are forced to unload some goods coming here before continuing their journey. 5 million in 2005, the tonnage in 2010 is 7.3 million tonnes..

Development imperatives, the increase in tonnage, the increase of demography and demand increasingly high officials finally forcing the port of Lome to quickly predict the congestion of places. Then imagine that the realization of a dry port in the interior of the country, mainly for the reception of traffic to the hinterland countries. It was initially suggested Blitta. But, in order to collect the transit site and the formalities in one place, and bring them closer to recipients, it is believed ultimately to Cink, on the border with Burkina Faso.

In addition, the site of Adetikope on the parcels of the former company Deragal is intended for the storage of used vehicles and containers. In return, the areas covered include important storage capacities of over 110,000 square meters in the port area and over 100,000 square meters to the outside.

She has continued to grow in price, the local vegetable oil industry. The figures compiled by the Directorate General of Statistics and National Accounts are in July 2010, to 767 francs per liter. They left 658 francs in April, for 665 francs and 683 in June, before making a jump. In July 2009, the title of the local vegetable oil industry has sold at 640 francs. It no longer evokes the case of local fresh tomato (aklikonvi), always more expensive, and worrying, to 1116 francs per kilogram in July. A year ago, in the same period, it sold at 971 francs per kilo. This year, the tomato was still at 987 francs in April, before suddenly moving to 1049 francs and 1091 francs in June. A slope that seems to survey the fresh beef on the bone. On the steps of the capital, the kilogram is trading at 1,925 francs. Cons 1,900 francs a year earlier. From April to July, a kilogram of meat that has won 58 francs. We feared the worst for August due to Ramadan.

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