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Show Mauritania and die. For some time, that before arriving in Spain, in Mauritanian waters, the potential migrants perish on the high seas Pay some five hundred thousand francs CFA, saved hard, and do not even see Barcelona That should make people think more than one suicidal. We do not need to be a psychologist or sociologist to conclude that distress seizes these compatriots braving the wild waves of the ocean. Men but also of minor children. So bodied, the flower of age, preferring to commit hara-kiri than live daily unemployment. But is this the unemployment that scares these young candidates for emigration exhausting killer of these son of a developing country. An emerging country, say another.

Given the magnitude of the phenomenon, it is tempting, in these few lines, look for the cause of despair in not only the inactivity of his youth, but the high cost of living going crescendo since the devaluation of the franc cfa. Indeed, young people, especially school, have an alternative that the informal sector. Learning a trade is no longer de rigueur for them, street trading is full force to welcome these rural tired of twiddling your thumbs back home. Agriculture no longer foster the baby by breast development policies under our skies.

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