That’s the whole translation of the infinite love that I feel every time I have the opportunity to stay in my beautiful country, majestic land of my ancestors. I come back after hearing sounds and words, images and effigies seen, read signs of propaganda… All this gave me an idea about the state of the nation..

The eternal laughter of a population in jubilation but of course completely resigned, the loud cries of joy in public places but also of pain in places like the morgue, the incessant and constant honking of cars cruising the streets in songs Summer cicadas, the sounds of music pushed completely dominated religion, the roaring engines of generator sets for the paucity of clear power…

But I also heard the grunts, growls many of the same population resigned expressing the ras-le-bol of a society pushed to the extreme obedience by the multifaceted effects of the dictatorship of one man and his clan. I heard screams of helplessness and hopelessness of a population that feels no longer expect anything from anyone or anywhere but that does not hide his belief in an imaginary force.

Sale of vehicles, sales of the cards (Warid, MTN, Zain, Sap-sap…), sale of seeds – fertilizers and other products, selling building materials, cement deposition, deposition of fish, water deposit, thrift store, hairdresser, grocers, butchers, telephone booths… The long and unending list of shops wealth imposed by the resourcefulness shows how the population left behind at the expense of a State that is not for her, wants to survive. For each of these makeshift woe (risk of immediate closure) to that dare forget to post outside of the local Congolese flag green-yellow-red, inside the effigy of Mr. Sassou Nguesso or refuse to give matabiche each time a controller acting on behalf of the state. The display in the shop of a picture of a colonel is an additional security against pickpockets state.

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