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Portrait of Edward VIII, king unknown, presumably forced to abdicate in 1936 because of its convenience to the regime hitlerien.Rencontree by Edward VIII in 1931, the American Wallis Simpson, a divorced commoner, had never much liked to the court. But to die from George V and Edward VIII in 1936 to ascend the throne, it was understood she would make a little queen decente. Cornered, the King preferred to give up her crown rather than its beautiful. Touching story that obscures the panic that seizes the ruling circles of England at the idea of having to queen and king of the obverse of the Nazi sympathizers. Become mere Duke of Windsor, Edward visited Hitler, who would have moved him to the throne if he overthrew Churchill. Duke would also provided plans to the German General Staff, allowing the invasion of France through the Ardennes.

This is the story of an English prince in love with a divorced woman. No, it’s not Charles, Camilla Parker’s lover, but Edward, Duke of Windsor. Crown in 1936 under the name of Edward VIII, abdicated a year later to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee twice he loved more than anything. That’s the romantic version. But the documentary broadcast this evening, based on declassified archives, said another aspect of the prince’s life: that of an ally of Nazi Germany.

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