And to underpin the climate of fear that he describes, Dr. Sow highlights muscular military raids in neighborhoods after Sept. 28. These raids will result in arrests, killings, injuries and torture..

Kidnappings do not spare the expatriate aid workers and even diplomats and human rights, according to President Sow. He is still amazed that his organization is not yet under attack, especially as the National Observatory for Human Rights, a state institution linked directly to the prime minister, has already been. He said he expected at all.

The events of September 28 will forever be etched in the memory of Guineans in relation to many crimes. For some, these events were amplified and others minimized. Let’s hear the testimony of survivors returning from far away and we have agreed to locate the movie of this dreadful day, under cover of anonymity.

It was between 9 and 10 o’clock. As soon as I arrived at the height of a gas station in the neighborhood of the Mine, on the highway, I hit, along with hundreds of youths, police had blocked the road to stop us to the stadium.

The police opened fire quickly and injured two people. The crowd bore down on it, forcing him to retreat. She also leaves his vehicle, a minivan behind her. The crowd very angry reversed the car. Some wanted to burn the car, but others opposed it by giving precedence to the goal is to go to the stadium for the rally.

Once at the stadium, we find a crowd that had already fought with police, including men’s commander Tieboro Moussa, Minister of Special Services, the fight against drugs and organized crime (Ed. : promoted lieutenant-colonel at the anniversary date of the seizure of power by the military junta, December 23). We are entering the stage where there was already political leaders.

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