Senegal, noted sociologist Djibi Diakhate, experienced these social changes on the basis of a number of exogenous influences, mainly from the West. In most cases, noted the sociologist, these practices are located in areas expected to attract not only the male gaze, but also arouse their interest or desire..

Still, the stated goal by the amateurs of such practices is clear: to correct or embellish the body part discomfort. The aim is to be loved. And they do not hide. Yassin, 23, is a student at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. Nipple pierced, tattoo on left breast, Yassine looks like a blonde. His hair is long, its skin, depigmented, is clear and she walks like a model who is about to run. For her, tattooing, piercing, fake eyelashes, hip raises, etc. Is above all a way to exist. Today, girls are much more numerous than boys. It’s the only way for us, observes Ndeye Fatou, we make visible and to avoid anonymity. Regardless, she lets hear the consequences of such practices. The key, adds Ndeye Fatou, is to get the desired result: to win or keep a man. A more legitimate. Especially in Senegal where the decline of marriage among men is a reality and a fashion divorce.

Yesterday practiced for spiritual considerations and identification, body piercing, tattooing, raises the hips, etc. Are now used mainly for aesthetic needs. Sociologist Djibi Diakhate dissects the phenomenon and believe that local television stations should be more rigorous in the selection of products they offer to the public.

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