Photographs of Maty Thiam Dogo, BA and Mada other artists are visible in the hallways. Inside the salon, she is the control tower of the house. Three of his posters are enthroned majestically amidst a panoply of electronic devices surrounded by flowers synthetic. There is also a censer aluminum planted by a ceramic pedestal on which is built an alarm clock. The decoration of the show is worthy of an artist of his caliber. But Fatou is a lady who likes to be beautiful. The artist rings whose size reached extraordinary proportions. Fatou is also a vector of culture Laobe. It is fashionable items of clothing ornament missing behavior of individuals. However, the lady is not inherently tied to tradition. Because she also loves new trends in hairdressing and sewing. The singer admits that music allows her to earn a decent living by the sweat of his brow. But this does not prevent him from holding a canteen, a history of getting rid of his days immutable. It considers those who say that a fun artist should not do business. Just that amuses him..

Senegal, which must also win the women’s. Today, an entire people can be proud of Fatou Laobe who managed to win a title away from his native land, elsewhere in another country where people love what they do. So, Senegal can be proud of this distinction. That is to say, Senegal in all its components. And especially the artists. For they ought not to be choosy on this hard-won distinction in front of other musicians on the continent. Because recently in Conakry, Fatou Laobe has flaunted Engineering Senegal. Of this strength, we have over others, which suggests that if one takes seriously what we do, one is chosen among the best in the world.

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